Monday, March 14, 2011

Random life update

Alright, time to get this blog going again.

Next week is my 21st birthday. Thank the fucking lord, it can't come quick enough. Then a few days later I'm flying out to Denver to live it up for a week and a half with my boyfriend. Fuck yeah.

On another note, I finally stretched my lobe piercings up to 1/2". I've got some super blingy plugs in right now, and can't wait until they heal so I can wear some of the other plugs I've collected.

Anyways, I've gotta head to class soon. A more exciting update will occur later.


  1. oh man. my 21st birthday was a blast. now i'm dreading my birthdays- it's like a mid-twenties crisis or something.

  2. Happy Birthday! Get hammered!

  3. Happy B-Day man! i remember my 21st, basicly just become 100% legal, following you fersure