Monday, March 14, 2011

How to make your own shirt design

So today I gave a demonstration speech in my public speaking class. Here's a tutorial based on my speech.

How to make your own custom t-shirt

1) Create a black and white image in either photoshop or paint. Print it off.
2) Trace your design onto freezer paper, then cut out the black sections to create your stencil.
3) Iron your stencil onto your t-shirt, with the wax side down.
4) Paint over your stencil with fabric paint.
5) Let dry, then peel off the freezer paper stencil.



  1. gonna make a weed t-shirt like Shorty wore in Scary Movie 1! You have a new follower sir!

  2. Oook, am aware of the existence of google, but will ask anyway: what the hell is freezer paper? Sounds awesome though!

  3. You can just buy it at Walmart or any grocery store near where aluminum foil and plastic wrap would be, it's what you can wrap meat in and stuff.

  4. I prefer shirt in a can, aka, spray paint. But seriously, I may actually try your idea sometime. Followed.

  5. NICE, time to make some really crappy T-shirts and one piece of genius

  6. Thanks man, i am going to try this!

  7. My God I have to try this now, thank you for this.