Sunday, March 20, 2011

Newest Cupcake Creation

Okay. So I made cupcakes this afternoon. It was my first experience filling cupcakes with stuff, so it was fun.

First I bought devil's food cupcake mix, and followed the box's instructions, adding just a little bit of black icing dye, then baked them. Once they were done, I let them cool, then used a cupcake corer (you could also use a knife, I just happened to have a corer) to pull out the center of the cupcake. Then I used a piping bag to fill the center with marshmallow cream filling.

Since I only made 12 cupcakes, I halved the recipe below for the filling:

Cream Filling (Enough to fill and decorate 24 cupcakes)

1 (7 oz) jar marshmallow cream
1/2 cup shortening
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Basically you just combine all of the ingredients, and whip them together until it's a sort of fluffy mixture.

After the cupcakes are filled, I took the top off of the cut out pieces of cupcake and put them back on over the filling. Then I iced them with chocolate frosting that also had black icing dye added.



  1. those look (and sound) really tasty. i'm gonna try and make some now!

  2. That looks awesome and like something I totally can't eat =/


  3. They look Delicious. You've inspired me to start cooking lol

  4. Oh my god, these look delicious. I want one so bad. I'm hungry now.

  5. Last one pic looks great. It is not hard to do this cake so i will try. Thanks for share.

  6. "i could eat five, or five hundred of those right now!" - Guy fietty


  7. Curses, i just ate a lot of chocolate now i gotta make cupcakes. XD i cant help myself. its chocolate. thx for the recipe by the by

  8. The end result looks awesome.

    Unfortunately it would look nothing like that if I were to attempt it xP

  9. good cupcakes, makes me wanna eat one